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Make Your Own Yogurt at Home!

Yummy! Here it is, the 15th installment - and third workshop - in our ALCA-Seltzer Series: Online Relief for the Headaches of Social Distancing. Susan Rollings, Indian Lake (NY) Librarian, teaches you how to make your own yogurt at home! For downloadable ingredients and instructions, go to


Vermiculture: Aka, Adventures in Harvesting Worm Poo!

Susan Rollings, Indian Lake (NY) librarian, teaches you all you need to know about helping your garden and house plants by harvesting the power (and poop!) of the humble Red Wiggler worm! Creating and supporting a worm bin is a fun project for anyone, especially if you like gardening, are interested in biology, or just want to do something good for the planet. For downloadable instructions, go to Adventures in Harvesting Worm Poo


"Straw Bale Gardening, a How-T0" with Susan Rollings

Susan, the Town of Indian Lake (NY) Librarian, explains and demonstrates the why and how to use straw bales in your garden this year by practicing six basic steps! A downloadable PDF with detailed instructions, materials, etc., is available at the Indian Lake Public Library's website here.

f you are interested in getting some straw bales, the library has 30 available for $7.50 each. Payment for bales will be taken on the days of pick up. All proceeds go to the Hamilton County Soil and Water Conservation District. New orders are limited to 3 bales in order to accommodate interested parties. Send an email to Susan at, to inquire about availability.


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