Workshop Wednesdays


Workshop Wednesdays
with Susan Rollings
Local artisan & Indian Lake librarian

Unleash your creativity with a variety of in-person workshops at the Arts Center!
All participants will be provided with materials unless otherwise noted.

All workshop registration fees:
$20 - Members
$25 - Non-Members
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June 15:
Wet Felted Vessels

Susan Rollings will teach participants a wet felting technique. Each participant will make a small wool vessel approximately 6-8" in size using the wet felting technique taught in class. Participants should bring a towel and an apron that is water resistant. This workshop is limited to 12 participants.


June 29: Concrete Planters

Each participant will create a medium sized planter suitable for outdoor use. Participants should bring an old towel, fleece blanket (or similar) that will be encased in the cement, and disposable gloves to protect hands.  Wearing old clothes and shoes is recommended. Projects will need to dry for at least one day before being brought home. This workshop is limited to 10 participants.

July 13: Solar Printed Bandanas

Learn how to use plants and flowers to arrange a design on fabric! Participants will paint with light sensitive pigments. When exposed to sunlight, the plants and flowers will leave impressions onto the fabric for a unique nature-inspired wearable piece of art. Participants are welcomed to bring their own collection of plants if desired; although the instructor will furnish choices for them to use. This workshop is limited to 15 participants.

July 27: Recycled Book Art - Fairy Houses and Gnome Homes

Repurpose an old paperback into a home fit for the Fae Folk. Participants will learn the folded book art technique to create the home structure, then learn how to create embellishments from books, magazines, and natural materials. If participants own a glue gun, they are encouraged to bring it to use, but some will be furnished to share during the class. Old paperbacks will be furnished, but participants are encouraged to bring their own if they wish, about 300 pages. This workshop is limited to 15 participants. 

August 10: Painted Alcohol Ink Tiles 

Use highly pigmented alcohol ink to create unique designs on 3 ceramic tiles: two 4"x4" and one 6"x6" tile. These inks allow for beautiful abstract art to be created! Participants will learn different methods of applying and manipulating the ink. Tiles will need 24 hours to dry before a clear coating is applied for protection. Participants may pick up their projects two days after the class. This workshop is limited to 15 participants.

August 24: Marbled Paper

Learn how to create beautiful marbled designs on high quality paper using the suminagashi technique from Japan, which dates back to the 12th century. Inks are floated into water to produce highly textured designs that are then printed onto paper. This workshop is limited to 12 participants.

September 7: Needle Felted Critter

Learn how to use specialty felting needles and wool roving to create a 3-dimensional animal - an Adirondack themed bird or small mammal - approximately 5 inches tall. This craft entails use of very sharp needles, and is limited to ages 12 and up. This workshop is limited to 12 participants.


September 21: Alcohol Ink Pendant and Pin

Learn how to use highly pigmented alcohol inks on specialized paper. Participants will use their paintings to construct a one-of-a-kind pendant. Participants will learn how to utilize other parts of their paintings to create a unique brooch too! This workshop is limited to 15 participants.



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