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The Adirondack Lakes Center for the Arts is a multi-disciplinary arts center, serving over 2,000 square miles of the Adirondack Park. The Arts Center’s mission as a presenter, producer and educator in the artistic disciplines is to promote, develop, cultivate, and foster quality programs in the arts, sciences, and humanities, which inspire, enrich, educate and entertain people of all ages throughout the Adirondacks, as well as providing technical assistance to non-profits, local government, and area businesses.

The Arts Center is generously supported by the New York State Council on the Arts, its business and individual sponsors, and its members.


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2018 - 2019 Business Sponsors

Producer ($500)

Pine’s Country Store


Sponsors ($250)

Contributors ($100)


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2018-2019 Membership Plus Annual Fund Donors

Woods Membership - $250 and above Level

David and Lucy Carson

Ellen Collins

Phyllis and Hap Georges

Kenneth and Rosemarie Hovey

Mea and Al Kaemmerlen

Diane Kirkham

Cecilia and Michael Mathews

Sherry Nemmers

Steve and Peggy Wadecki

Tony Zazula and Mark Chamberlain


Campfire Membership - $100 and above Level

Jameson and Reginald Baxter

Belinda and Pete Block

William and Terri Booth

Bill and Wendy Brenner

Brian and Kathy Castler

Sally Cockburn and Onno Oerlemans

Cathleen Collins and Peter Bauer

Jack and Kathy Crowe

Polly Fagan

Frances Goldman

Peter and Polly Gott

Eugene Hastings

Richard and Elaine Lamporte

William LaRocque

Virginia Lawrence

Mary and Tim Leach

Charles and Pamela McPherson

Paul and Sara Monroe

Charles and Jeanne Pietrow

Christine and Alan Pouch

Thomas and Shae Riley

Nancy and Art Saltford

Barbara Sullivan

Gary Tyler

Gary West

Joanne and Harry Wilber


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