ALCA-Seltzer Space


What and where is the ALCA-Seltzer Space?

 Both our Weekend Series of concerts and the Adirondack Lakes Summer Theatre Festival are returning in a fun and SAFE format. We have created an outdoor space called the ALCA-Seltzer Space: Outdoor Relief for the Return to Live Performance! 
  The ALCA-Seltzer Space consists of a large tented area, a stage with lighting and sound, and flexible seating. Thanks again to our tent crew, led by Joe Perreault, and to our new tech and production manager, Dave Naone, for getting our stage set up. This space features lighting, sound, concessions, ticketing, and ... performance!
  The ALCA-Seltzer Space is located on Durant Road, behind the Arts Center in Blue Mountain Lake. The Arts Center will be closed during evening outdoor events. In case of severe weather, performances will be moved inside the Arts Center.