ALCA-Seltzer Series!


During this time of social distancing and staying safe, we are pleased to present the

ALCA-Seltzer Series: Online Relief from the Headaches of Social Distancing!

Plop, plop, fizz, fizz ... These "doses" of online workshops (Seltzer Workshops), short videos (Seltzer Shorts), & livestreams (Seltzer Streams) are designed to help us stay connected with those in our communities, whether near or far away! They will include songs, theatre, studio tours, workshops, concerts ... a wide range of activities that reflect what the Arts Center has offered and will offer again once the danger of COVID-19 has passed. Thanks to all of the talented folks who are part of our series! 

Please consider helping the Arts Center through this difficult time so we can continue providing programming that both serves and features our communities here in the Adirondacks. A gift of any size is appreciated in this critical time, or consider renewing or purchasing a new membership to support the Arts Center. 



Your latest doses:


Another ALCA-Seltzer dose from the Arts Center medicine cabinet: A fun take on the Who's Pinball Wizard from a 2017 concert by the incredible Canadian group Sultans of String! The Sultans performed at the Arts Center in both 2016 and 2017 through the generosity of the Tom Fagen Music Fund. For more of their music, including their brand new album -- and to enjoy all their current virtual activities! -- go to


A song and personal message for Arts Center supporters from the wonderful Colorado-based duo Bettman & Halpin. Stephanie and Luke, who are, in their words, "joyful Americana folk singer/songwriters," were scheduled to perform and present a songwriting workshop this summer before COVID-19 hit. They will now be part of our 2021 lineup! Check them out on Facebook:




"Pirates of Penzance" 2017 Act II Finale

Concert Pianist Nicole Wang

St. Petersburg Mens Ensemble

Pianist Alice Michahelles



Bill Hall, the Black Fly Lullaby

Fiddler Gretchen Koehler

The Rustic Riders

Bob Stump and his Band



Martin and Kelly: "Art of Goodbye"

Musician/Songwriter Ryan Leddick



The "Paddle Ballet" from "Forever Wild" 2018

Jen Bine, COVID-19

9 to 5: A COVID-19 parody

"Yesterday" with Mary Leach

"Effective Social Distancing"













Seltzer Stream #1: Adirondack Jazz Orchestra
Our very first livestream event this Friday, June 5, at 7 p.m.: A prerecorded concert by the Adirondack Jazz Orchestra, featuring a concert they performed at Moriah (NY) Central School with special guest musicians Ray Vega on trumpet, Bret Zvacek on trombone, and Keith Pray on alto sax. Thanks so much to Matt Pray and the AJO for allowing us to livestream this fantastic performance as a fundraiser for the Arts Center! We ask that you give what you can by clicking the "Donate Today" button above, then click on the button below to enjoy the show!

Click Here to See Livestream!


Seltzer Workshops


Make Your Own Yogurt at Home!

Vermiculture: Aka, Adventures in Harvesting Worm Poo!

"Straw Bale Gardening, a How-T0" with Susan Rollings



ALCA-Seltzer Series: I (Still) Need a Remedy!

This segment of our Series features links to other online content being shared by performers, artists, and arts organizations during this time of social distancing!

I (Still) Need a Remedy!


Thank you for your continued support of the Arts Center! 

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