2022 Great Arts Benefit



ALCA's 2022 Great Arts Benefit

The staff and Board of Trustees of the Adirondack Lakes Center for the Arts
thanks you for your generous contribution!

With your support, we raised a total of $17,214.00!


The list of our 2022 "attendees":

Star of the Show - $2,500
Forhan Family Foundation

Master Artiste - $2,000

Virtuoso - $1,500
Stewart’s Shops
Tony Zazula & Mark Chamberlain

Director - $500
Sally Coney Wheeler
Richard Woolley
George VanVoorhis, T.C. Murphy Lumber, Inc.
Pine's Country Store
Elizabeth Folwell

Supporting Act - $250
Cathleen Collins & Peter Bauer
Polly Gott
Paul M. Mirate
Jordan & Jacqueline Hornstein

A Gift of Any Amount
John & Mary Jean Rathburn
Lezlie Dana
Bruce & Karen Butters
Dr. Paul Monroe
Mason Smith
Lenore & Jack Reber
Hoss’s Country Store, Inc.
Dan Nielsen & Barbara Dodsworth
Angela Goldman
Jeff Reed
Mary & Tim Leach
Judith & Flemming Heilmann
Kathleen Larkin
Steve & Peggy Wadecki
Evan Behre
Laura & Wayne Davison
Allen VanHoff
Laura-Jean Swanson
John Berhaupt
Gail Carmichael
Ben & Jamie Strader
Sheila & Jim Hutt
Martha Townley
Geoffrey Miller
Robert B. Anderson


Your donation helps support our gallery, gift shop, concerts, theater, workshops,
kids art camp, yoga classes, and more. 
We look forward to bringing more
great community programs to the Arts Center!